Illuminated Light Boxes

ILLUMINATED LIGHT BOXES As far back as 1996, Signland perfected a technique for fitting flex-face substrates to welded aluminium frames. This involved designing and producing special (reserved) die sections and sourcing a narrow nozzle staple gun capable of shooting galvanized staples through 2mm aluminium. Today we are leaders in this field and we only use imported 8-year grade flex and translucent cast vinyl. Flexible sign faces are ideal for very large signs as they will not be blown off by high winds. They will also not shatter if objects are thrown at it and even a bullet will only do minimal damage to such a face. When budgetary concerns call for an economical solution to brand your business, smaller perspex light boxes can be the perfect choice. The boxes are constructed using top grade aluminium extrusions and come in any size, shape or colour. The faces are made using sign grade perspex, decorated with translucent vinyl for a brilliant lighted sign product mounted on your building. Sign faces can be flat, raised or even embossed, depending on your needs and budget. At Signland, our durable outdoor illuminated light boxes will serve to identify your business year after year. Moving your business every few years? No Problem! These light boxes can be easily removed and reinstalled on your new building, unlike some other types of signs.


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