Vehicle branding and what you should know.

Before branding your vehicle, here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

First off, will you be doing a full wrap (Covering the whole vehicle with vinyl) or are you just going to apply individual decals (Eg. Logos and contact details on the doors and tailgate).

Stay away from complicated designs that can present difficulties in installation and matching reprints when the vehicles are damaged due to an accident, etc.

Never use dark image colours on dark vehicle colours. Most marketing designs need vibrant colours with vivid contrasts.

Never underestimate the difficulty of the installation! A full wrap will generally take a minimum of three days to complete, day one being the detailed cleaning of the vehicle and start of the application, day two being application and day three trimmings and quality control.

Many companies think if they include everything they do, produce, etc., that they are educating potential customers. The opposite happens when companies place too much info on their vehicles. If people have too much to look at, they scan onto the next display or whatever catches their eye.

Aftercare for your vehicle vinyl and ways to prolong its lifespan:

Never power-wash the vehicle (especially with hot water).

Do not pick at the edges of the vinyl. Once the vinyl is lifted from the vehicle it may become damaged and/or dirty and may no longer be adhesive.

Do not keep your vehicle in excessive sunlight and bad weather for extended periods of time if you have decals. With individually cut decals and logos, the area beneath the vinyl will be protected from the exposure whereas the paint that is not covered will get damaged from the sun over time and once the decals are removed there may be a slight difference in colour and texture of the vinyl protected paint versus the rest of the paint.

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