Lately we have seen an increase in queries about and the usage of Neon signage.

Neon has a nostalgic feel and sets an impression like no other signage.

Here are a couple of things to consider before requesting a neon quotation:
A Neon tube is a set colour, ensure you are happy with your choice before confirming the colour. We can send you a colour chart and suggest the best colour for you by request.

Do you have a sample image of the sign you would like?
This gives us an idea of the font usage and colour requirements for your signage.

What size do you require your sign to be?
Neon tubes are 12mm or 15mm in diameter, keep this in mind when looking at the size of your sign.

How are you going to mount your sign?
Neon Signs are held in place by little plastic supports called snappers, these can be drilled into a wall directly, but we suggest mounting your sign onto a board and fixing the board onto your wall.

Will this sign be installed indoors or outdoors?
This is important as we need to know what type of transformer your sign will require.

If you are interested in neon signage for yourself or your business, give us a call and our neon technician will advise you on the options best suited to your request.
Phone: 039 317 3052

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