Signage fabrication

At Signland we fabricate all of our signage in house to ensure their quality and your satisfaction!

Digital Printing

The term Digital refers to the digits 0 and 1, which provide the basis for the mathematical language computers use to create, process and store electronic images.

Computerised Router Cut-Out Letters

CNC Routers have led to entirely new styles of signs that just weren’t possible prior to its development!


Vinyl banners are a form of outdoor advertising. Our banners are normally digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full colour billboard on a single piece of material.


All fabrication done in house

Digital Printing

No Printing Plate is Needed

Cut-Out Letters

works with most materials


Promotional coverage


Signland (Pty) Ltd. (Est. 1991) is the premier KZN South Coast custom sign company, serving customers not only on the South Coast but also across the nation, from Port Elizabeth up to Lephalale, from Bloemfontein to Nelspruit. we export to Mauritius, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Professional, friendly and responsive service is our hallmark. Whether your need is simple—such as a single sign or banner—or complex corporate branding involving multiple sign types in many locations, such as KFC Restaurants, Estate Agencies, Retail shops or beyond, Signland has the expertise and resources to ensure your project is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Silk Screening
Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques, and is the most-used by companies…Read More
Canvas signs are a modern way to advertise your business or decorate your home…Read More
Perspex Light Boxes
A light box is a flat box comprised of translucent plastic or glass that is evenly lit from behind to showcase art, photography, or advertising…Read More


You won’t find any cookie cutter solutions here. Our team of experts can create custom business signs and other types of custom signage for your business. Call us or stop in today to get your unique, custom business sign that will speak to your company’s brand.


Flex Face

Flex Face Signage is our bread and butter; but for those of you who aren’t all that clued up when it comes to this type of signage system, here’s a quick introduction to help you…


It’s no secret that flyers are one of the most affordable marketing formats available in the market. Unlike posters or street banners, flyers are usually kept by customers…

Neon Tubing Specialists

British chemists discovered neon gas in 1898. Four years later, a French engineer named Georges Claude filled and sealed a glass tube filled with the gas, creating the first…

Custom Build 3D Signs

Dimensional letters, often called 3D letters or raised letters, are unlit lettering or designs applied to surfaces in order to create raised images. They are cast, molded, fabricated, or cut…

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